Friday, January 11, 2008

Time has pasted

Now I know that I haven't blogger in what seems like for ever and I'm sure no one even reads this any more but I still feel like I need to be writing this. Since coming back to Australia I haven't been me. I drifted away from church and chose a guy instead. I did somethings that I'm not proud of but the other day I decided to chose God instead of ignoring and turning my back on him. I've quit my job so I can work more convenient hours so I can be more involved with my church. I've chosen not to use any drug of any sort anymore and I have even broken up with my boyfriend so I can get back on the right track, God's track. I'm hurting at the moment because of all this so I would appreciate any prayer.

I pray that the next time I blog, I will be stronger and have words of encouragement and life.