Monday, August 27, 2007


So on Friday night I had my graduation from "The War College- Revolution Session 2006/07"

To be completely honest I didn't think I would make it and I'll also admit that on a couple of occasions I almost didn't but it is better to be in the Lord's will (even when it gets crazy at times) than to be in your own will and out of touch with God's divine perfect plan.

On Thursday I gave my final presentation where I spent an hour summing up the year and through this year I have been impressed with the maturity and growth of both Leo and myself. We know scripture better, we are able to hear the words of God himself, we even know how to relate to each other now. We have learned a lot but although that has been an astonishing thing it has not been the high light of me year nor would it come close to my purpose of being in Charlotte , North Carolina for an entire year.

What I comes down to is the people. The Lord has commanded us in Matthew 25:35-40

'For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.'

"Then the righteous will answer him, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?'

"The King will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'

Those who are usually forgotten I have feed, clothed, given water, visited them while they are sick and taken people to there court dates in support. But this is not to glorify me but to glorify God who gave me these things in the first place to share with others.

So I encourage you and challenge you to do the same. Share what you have even if it is little. Sponsor a child even through the Salvation army because what is $20 an month really. In the past I've spent more than that on junk food for a friend and I to have in one night and what's one night of eating things that we couldn't be eating anyway as apposed to give a child food, water, shelter and education for a month. Bless others up with what you have been blessed with.

Much love and grace

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back in Charlotte

So, I arrived back in Charlotte on Sunday to everyones surprise because I didn't tell the kids I when I was coming home. I missed them soooooo much. I love my kids. Some have moved out of my hood though before I got to say goodbye which is really heart breaking for me but they left me letters and I cried so much when I read them last night. There was a letter in particular from Donta (who was the first kid that I had a strong friendship with here) saying 'Thank you for believing in me. I wish you could be my mom.' I lost broke down over that one especially since he has now been taken away from his mom.

I was very blessed to have everyone remember me. I was prepared to have my little Dede forget me because she is 2 but she's my girl. She remembered me and was if I had never been away. She was playing the same games with me and played with my hair to go to sleep. My hair amuses her because it 's a totally different texture than anyone else's around here (being one of the one white people). It was so cool that no one has forgotten me. I feel so loved.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Facing reality

So I had the absolute pleasure of getting the morning and afternoon off yesterday and the morning off today. For the entire time I was just thinking and praying and listening to God because he has revealed some stuff to me that has thrown some of my plans out of whack, which is cool though because I would rather live in God's amazing perfect plan as appose to my own in which I would have to do it in my own strength (which isn't that much) and fail as to who God wants me to be.

I was doing an essay on Tuesday about Commissioner Emma Booth-Tucker in which I had to read her articles in 'the officer' (a Salvation Army magazine) from the years 1893-1895 and write on her views on international mission, which I will admit hit me really hard. I had this plan of going to university, getting a degree, settling down, have a home and a family, you know all that normal stuff which I believe would be an incredible life but God has something else in store for me which I have known for a while now but never wanted to admit it because I didn't want somethings to change.

In January 1893 Commissioner Emma Booth-Tucker wrote:
"Yes, this is our field. Wherever on earth there is a soul, there, in measure must beat the heart of The Salvation Army''
So that's where I'll be. I'm going to become a solider. Not just one who is doing it because they feel it is their next step as a Salvationist but because God has been calling me to it for a long time now but I didn't want it to be something that was taken lightly. I am already a solider of God, I now just going to make it better know and wherever the Lord leads me that's were I'm going to be from here on out (Don't stress Mum I'm still coming back to Australia in 4 weeks) Love you all and be prepared


Galatians 1:10 'Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.'

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

About time

It is now getting towards the end of my summer placement which I've been traveling all over Georgia for. To give a quick run down of what went down where I'm going to give an outline.

We arrived mid afternoon on Friday and were put to work about 2 hours after being together. Commissioning was happening in Atlanta and we were helping with the teen venue. I was blessed to run some activities that open up kids minds spiritually. That was for our first weekend together. Sunday evening we went down to camp Grandview (salvation army summer camp grounds in GA) to do our orientation. We worked on mimes, songs, puppet training, spiritual development, everything really. Training was for 1 week.

Week 1 of placement was Albany where we were mainly focused on children's ministry. Our first day of VBS (vacation bible school) we had a grand total of 12 children. After doing out reach we extended our numbers to over 40. I did another sermon here and although we faced a lot of challenges this was definitely the place that we will all remember because it was all totally done in Gods strength.

Week 2 of placement was Marietta where we were more of the helpers this time not the organisers. Week 3 was split with Cartersville and Rome where we did ministry with the elderly in nursing homes. Week 4 was Toccoa which was another challenge but all in all it went pretty well. We then had 2 days of debriefing.

Then Shelbie (1 of my team members and 1 of the most amazing people in the world) and I went to Atlanta for 10 days to do apartment ministries in a Latino community. Now I'm still in Atlanta but am no longer with a team. This week I'm helping out all over the place with ministries that Lakewood corps is involved in. Next week I help out with Lakewood's VBS and then I'm back to Charlotte to graduate. I'm so excited, it's only a little more than a month till I go home to Australia. 5 weeks today till I fly out, 5 weeks on Thursday till I arrive home.

Miss you all and I'll write again really soon

PS Congratulations to Karyn & Jon and Joel & Lycey on their weddings

Friday, June 15, 2007


So the team has been together for a whole week now and we are getting along so well (a little to well at times that we can get distracted from our work). We are leaving for Albany on Sunday and will tell you all how it goes once I get on the feild

Sunday, June 10, 2007


This once again is just going to be quick because I have like 2 minutes before we go to church.

Well I arrived in Atlanta Georgia on Friday and have been working with my team (called the E-team) at the teen venue at commissioning and we have pulled together as a team so quickly and so well. My team consists of Eman (team leader), Jason, Shelbie, Erica and myself. We are an awesome team and we get along so well already. God totally had his hand on this when the team members were getting decided on.

Today we go out to camp and we are staying there till Friday (I think) to do our orientation and team building.

Gotta go. I love you all

Thursday, June 07, 2007


This blog is just to inform everyone of what's been happening and what is about to happen.

A lot of warfare (spiritual attacks) have been happening lately but some are best not mentioned. Last Saturday we had a break in at the community house (for more info go to Rob and Heathers blog- 614 Charlotte) which was frustrating but God prevailed in the end so it was all good. We had one of our air conditioners stolen the Wednesday before that and other stuff has happened.

Leo left for his summer placement last Thursday and I miss him already (he is definitely the comedian among us.)

Matt from Vancouver war college came here 2 weeks ago and I leave today for my summer placement. I'm not sure how much internet access I'll have (if any) so I'll be communicating through blogger mainly.

*Special note*
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Holly sorry it's late and that I didn't get to call, it's been really busy here. Love you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What's real

How can one feel that they are so alone while there are so many around them,
Never getting away from it all sucks the life from me.
Suffocation, lack of air.

So many words are said but all I here is silence,
Entangled by the ways of the world, empty as can be.
Suffocation, lack of air. Dehydration, lack of water.

Bound by the chains of media of what will make me full,
Immersed by commercialism, what will set me free.
Suffocation, lack of air. Dehydration, lack of water. Hunger, lack of food.

How can I be concerned and consumed by the ways of the world while people go hungry, die of because they have no water or have drunk water that is carrying a disease, while people are being smothered by things they can not change.

We all need a reality check

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All around me- flyleaf

"All Around Me"

My hands are searching for you
My arms are outstretched towards you
I feel you on my fingertips
My tongue dances behind my lips for you

This fire rising through my being
Burning I'm not used to seeing you

I'm alive, I'm alive

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing

My hands float up above me
And you whisper you love me
And I begin to fade
Into our secret place
The music makes me sway
The angels singing say we are alone with you
I am alone and they are too with you

I'm alive, I'm alive

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air
I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing

And so I cry
The light is white
And I see you
I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healing

Take my handI give it to you
Now you owe me
All I amYou said you would never leave me
I believe you
I believe

I can feel you all around me
Thickening the air I'm breathing
Holding on to what I'm feeling
Savoring this heart that's healed

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I'm feeling a little lost to be honest. This week I'm preparing myself for my summer placement, which is only like 4 weeks away. I'm meant to be spending as much time as possible resting and just enjoying some quite time. So last night I had the opportunity after cell group to do that but when I sat down to chill I wasn't able to sit still. It's been so long since I've really had the chance to bludge, I'm not sure if I even know how to now. I'm used to having people around me all the time that instead of staying by myself I went out and hung out with some of the kids here.

I would really love some prayer about this. Just that I can rest and be revitalized. It's not that I'm not tired, I just feel like there is some much to do while I'm still here so how can I sit still. Please pray for a release from over doing myself because I know it's better to rest and have a lot of energy than to be constantly running on almost empty.

Friday, May 04, 2007


Today was so awesome and it was for no particular reason either. We had 2 wonderful classes. We were learning more on leadership and about Esther and I love studying women in the bible, so for classes I was set on happy. I know that the evening was like any other evening around here but I was just extremely giggly and enjoyed just seeing the kids smile. It's so like something has just lifted in this place. Then tonight Rob, Heather, Leo and I just hung out, then picked up Travis from work.

Joy is just consuming me today and I can't help it but that's all cool because I love it. Please Lord, keep bringing the joy.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

James 1:12

Blessed is the man (or woman) who perseveres under trial, because he (or she) has stood the test, he (or she) will recieve the crown of life that God has promised those who love him.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Dedicated to Acacia

On Saturday I was very upse in saying my farewells to Acacia who has been with us since October. Over the last 6 months (although she was away for music sometimes) I enjoyed every last minute of our time together. Cace is one of those awesome people who will tell you the truth but does it in a way that is not condemning. She is a mentor and a true friend. We would hang out with each other and play cards watch cheesy romance movies and fight warfare along side each other. She would never admit how amazing she is but you can tell by the impact she has had on me and the rest of the community here.

Last Thursday we threw her a 'surprise' party to let her know how much we appreciate her and love her. We got to bless her up with some gifts to remind her of us and we also got to pray with her. It was just beautiful to see the love between Cace and our community here. Cace is a real blessing and our friendship will last.

I love you my sister.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Lord's protection

This morning I woke up really early by choice (I'm scared too don't worry) because I wanted to sort some things out before classes started. I was starting to walk over to the community house and the Lord showed me how much protection he is given me.

I don't think I should say what happened specifically but lets just say that it could have ended badly for me and some other people who live near me but thankful God had convinced me to get up (I had contemplated going back to sleep) and I was able to pray for God's covering and protection during the situation. I also got to walk some of the kids to school to make sure they got there ok.

I thank you God that you have sent your angels to protect us and are using us here in mighty ways. Praise the Lord

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A good surprise

Last night I was very blessed to have a phone call from a very special someone from back home. Narelle called me and in all honesty, I cried. It was so awesome to hear a friendly voice that could tell me of somethings happening back home that totally put my mind at rest. I'm so blessed to have a friend like Relle. She is a might warrior bride who is fully lead by Holy Spirit and is an amazing inspiration to all female Christians.

Love you muchly Relle!!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007


The dictionary defines a hypocrite as:
'a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.'

God has been talking to me a lot about hypocrites lately and it's really scary how we can read about in the word of God but kinda skip over it because they think they know it already and I'll admit I've been guilty of doing it to.

I'm not going to try to fix people or tell them what to do if I still struggle with it to unless we are working on it together and are holding each other accountable.

But I think this scripture really sums it up.

Matthew 7:2-4 says
For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
"Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother's eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

I don't want to be a hypocrite and I'm choosing to become aware of it. Will you?

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Now as you all know as part of being at the war college here I'm not allowed to date for a year. Well last night I went on a date!!!!

Now that I've grabbed your attention I want to share about my lovely little date with DD. She's 2 years old and I'm her best friend. She won't talk to anyone else or even talk to me if other people are around but when she is with me one on one I can't get her to shut up (but I never want her to be silent anyway. She has such a cute voice.)

So last night around 7 I went over to DD's house and ask if I could take her home for dinner. We had pizza, ice cream and many chocolate eggs. I thought that she would not sleep last night because she was so hyper from all the sugar. But she fell asleep in my arms half way through a conversation. It was so cute. I carried her home and but her to bed.

But what I wanted to tell you about is the tears that came out of me when I was just talking to her because I realised that in 4 weeks I'll be going off to summer placement then after that I'll be around here for only 2 weeks, so really I have 6 weeks left with this little princess of mine. I was hugging her and she looked up at me and did her little smile giggle thing that first softened me and I just started crying. I prayed over her and spoke words of life into her which no one has probably ever done to her before. I know that she won't remember me by this time next year or even that moment but I always will and I'll always be praying for her and my heart and my eyes will always be crying for her.

I love my little DD.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Rahab's a whore?

When ever I hear of anyone talk about Rahab they generally say "Rahab the prostitute" but why can't they just call her Rahab. It's not like it's such a common name that you have to differentiate between the immense amounts of Rahab's that are over taking the Bible.

Ok but to be fair I can sort of understand why people always remember her as a prostitute when she is introduced to us in Joshua 2:1
Then Joshua son of Nun secretly sent two spies from Shittim. "Go, look over the land," he said, "especially Jericho." So they went and entered the house of a prostitute named Rahab and stayed there.

But lets remember for the good that she did. She realised that the God of Joshua was 'The Only True God' she helped the two spies from Shittim by hiding them before the King of Jericho. She went against her culture and home for God so in my books she's a hero. She then later hooks up with Salmon and they have Boaz who later leads to Jesus. (Matthew 1) So I say get off her back, cut her some slack. We all have pasts that are considered to be messy in the eyes of others and the whole 'those who have committed no sin can cast the first stone' and 'before you try to remove the twig from someones eye, remove the log from your own'

Rahab should be remembered for more than just being a little whore but for what she did after being saved.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Yesterday I found out that I am truly a part of the community here by a simple act of kindness by one of the families that lives to doors down from us. Let's start at the beginning.

Yesterday was LC's birthday and we make the kids birthday cakes here so they know that they are loved and that we're glad that they are alive (and that we remembered is a big thing for them too.) So I was going to bake his cake only to realize that we were out of oil. So I was going to walk down to the food loin (a store that's about 2 miles each way) and it was drizzling rain so I wasn't exactly looking forward to my walk until Kevin started to ride his bike next to me asking where I was going and if he could come. Of course I said yes because I love to have company on those kinds of walks.

Then he was asking what I needed to get. I told him some oil for LC's cake and he said he had some at this house that we could have so I wouldn't have to walk in the rain. So he brought over the oil and helped me bake a birthday cake for LC (although I think he only wanted to help bake so he could have the extra batter in the mixing bowl.)

I just felt so loved by him giving me oil. It sounds weird I know but it's the little things like that that make a huge difference to me.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Girls have power

I've been reading a lot about women in the Bible and I'm even writing a book about it now. I know that there are a lot of books out there already but this one is going to have a study guide and have it written in an easy to read way to youth can understand it better.

So I wanted to give kind a back ground as to some of what I've been meditating on and what God's been telling me about these women. And I'll write about one a week for the next four weeks.

In the genealogy of Jesus found in Chapter 1 of Matthew there are 16 verses that give names of descendants from Abraham through to Jesus Christ, and if you haven't noticed most of the names recorded are all males with the exception of 4. Those are Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba (Uriah's wife). All of which have had people claim their unrighteousness but what I see is they way God used these women (no matter what their circumstances may have been) to be women that are warriors, ezers (which is Hebrew for strong helper) and how women were and are significant in the eyes of God.

So Tamar. Poor old Tamar who is only remembered as dressing herself as a prostitute so that she may trick Judah into sleeping with her. But I'm about to defend her case. You can find Tamar's story in Genesis 38 if you want more than what I'm giving.

Tamar was first married to Er (who is the first born child of Judah) and this was no happy marriage. She would not have chosen her partner because of old Jewish customs where the Fathers decided on who you married to benefit the family. Also in verse 7 it says " But Er, Judah's firstborn, was wicked in the Lord's sight;" He was so wicked that "the Lord put him to death".

So now Tamar is a widow and without child. I know that this sounds really wrong in our society today put in the old Jewish culture it was normal and expected for Er's brother (Onan) to take her as a wife and lie with her so she may have a baby to carry on Er's name. Onan how ever "knew the offspring would not be his" which would mean that his inheritance would be cut drastically from 2/3 of his Fathers land to 1/4. So he made it seem like he was fulfilling his duty as Er's brother but was actually spilling himself on the ground. This would have been horrific for Tamar. She was just trying to produce a son for for dead husband and so Onan would just get his jollies but not fulfill the laws.

Then God comes along and strikes him down to for his wickedness. Judah sends Tamar back to her Father and tells her that he will summon her back when his last son Shelah has become a man to fulfill his duty.

Judah's wife dies and then intends not to give his last son to Tamar who is just doing what she is supposed to. On his way to shear his sheep at Timnah, Tamar took off her widow's clothes, and but on a veil so that she would not be recognised by Judah. They end up sleep together and he gives this prostitute his staff and his seal and cord (which symbolises his authority and his family line.)

Judah finds out that Tamar is pregnant by means of prostitution and orders her to be killed by fire. She walks out with a staff and a cord and seal. She says "I am pregnant by the man who owns these."

Judah's reaction is with the words "She is more righteous than I, since I wouldn't give her to my son Shelah."

Tamar later gives birth to twins Perez and Zerah and Perez carries on the line that leads to Jesus Christ.

Judah realised that he did the dirty on Tamar and even says that"she is more righteous than I" She was doing what God had told her culture to do and this woman faith carried on the blood line. Praise God that she was an ezer.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I am feeling a little discouraged really. There are to boys in the hood that I have put so much effort into (especially in the last month and a half) and the past couple of days they have been off. Not with me but with the other leaders and I know that they are usually so much better than that and they have been trying to fight some other kids in the neighbourhood. It's probably because there is stuff going on at home but I just wish that the other people around here could see the side that they show me but they are to scared to open themselves up to to many people.

It's weird how I can put on an act of being overly to nice in front of others but they try to be rough in front of others but we all do it as a defense mechanism. That's probably why they can be themselves with me because we do the same thing

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Transforming heart

Some of you may know from previous blogs that I have befriended some human trafficked women and I had been really scared for one in particular since I had not seen her since I heard about one of the other girls getting murdered. I'm really really really close to this girl and having her disappear for a few weeks is worrying but yesterday she showed up. She came up to me hugged me and we both started crying. She had been arrested for 3 weeks for selling herself.

It was so awesome to see her again. She told me that she is trying to get her life back together now because God has told her to. She is trying to get clean and she is now using only $20 worth of crack as apposed to $500-$600 worth. She has called her Mum (has spoken to her in 2 years) and is going to move back to her home to take care of her children when she is fully clean.

God is so amazing. I never forced the gospel on her or anything and God used gentleness, friendship and love guide her to him. Praise God

Friday, March 23, 2007


How can simplicity not really be that simple. With it being caught up in legalism and religious well over done views, how can one really know if they are doing what God wants them to be doing as a way of life. I get that living simply you are not to love money and possessions etc, which I already knew because you can't love both money and God but then there is the other extreme where you over do it (asceticism) and become so anal that you don't enjoy the blessings that God wants to bestow upon you and then you can also get caught up in the whole pride things where you want everyone to know what your doing and thinking that you are better than other s because you are doing it to a bigger extreme and then simplicity doesn't just apply to objects but also to words, eating, what you do with your time and so on...... It can get so confusing and can tear your brain in two.

But I've come to understand that I can live a simplistic life and receive God's blessings as long as I don't put it before God and that I don't hoard it either and letting my yes and no mean just that (yes or no) and not be be all like "look at me" for it either.


Monday, March 19, 2007

New family

Now don't get me wrong I love the family I have already and I'm not trying to replace them but I now have a new extended family in this community and I kinda already did but it's now different after youth councils.

We got to take 11 of our kids to youth councils (thanks to God) and all of them had either rededicated their lives to Jesus or did so for the first time. Many, many, many tears were wept and I'll admit that alot were from me to. Although we only got back yesterday things just even feel alot better in the community. We all now have a new respect for each other and a fresh love for one another.

Any way one of the boys that didn't come was trying to work me (pay me out, make fun of me etc.) but this time one of the boys who came with us go this trip stood up for me and was even going to start fighting him (which is how they have learned to show love and defend honour around here) which in a messed up way is really sweet, but I just kept telling him that he was better than that and to remember what he had promised to God over the weekend.

He then backed off after I said it a couple of times and then just sat with me on the stairs and started to cry. "That's not right the way he treats you. You guys do so much for us and you don't deserve it. He shouldn't be trying you"

I was so blessed at the fact that he had even had this reaction for me because that like never happens around here. I gave him a hug then D (the boy that was trying to start me) was looking over at Keith (the boy that was defending me) and Keith was not ashamed at the fact that he was crying for me. He starting saying to D "You're lucky I have Jesus now or your be broken now."

D was all like "why are you crying. I didn't even hit you"
"You shouldn't be doing that to Jesse...." and he said pretty much the same stuff he said to me be to D.

I now feel like our community is becoming moe of a family now. The kids are coming over more with in the past 2 days just to say hey and to talk about their problems and just chill in a safe place.

Things are looking up.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Highs and Lows

This week I was very blessed to have Lyn (Lisa's Mum) spend a week here to see what I'm doing with this ministry. I enjoyed having her around (not just because the kids were more polite around her) and I know that she enjoyed seeing what I do and the relationships that are being formed between the kids and I. So that would be my high.

My low would be that one of the prostituted people that I had just started doing ministry with was murdered last night. I don't even want to type out what happened, nothing was mentioned in the media but read the 614 Charlotte blog or Leo's blog.

Bless you all.


Monday, March 05, 2007

So as you can see Lisa and I got to see each other for our reading week holiday. Last Tuesday I got to fly (while poohing my pants because I don't like to fly) to Denver then Seattle and then drive from there to Vancouver, Canada were one of my bestest friends in the whole world (Lisa Stewart AKA Stewy). It was awesome but I'm sad that later this morning at around 7am I leave. (it's currently midnight).

I loved to spend time with Lyce and I got to meet the entire Revolution Session which is extremely cool because this has been the first time session mates have been in two different countries and the fact that we all got to meet each other is such a blessing. I love them all and we all have an instant connection and all by the grace of God. I loved just seeing what they do here, making new and everlasting friends, seeing old ones and just chilling out with no stress for a while. We also got to have our first group photo which is actually alot more exciting than you would think. (Don't worry Mum, I didn't find a guy here either. No need to stress and I'm also a long way off dating again.)

I also got to mend an old friendship that really needed to be restored. I'm blessed that God had humble me (even through all my pride) to approach the untouchable issue to seek forgiveness and to also forgive so that I could fully hand over the hurt to Jesus who is the only one with the healing balm that perminently heals us and makes us a new. I also got to pray for them and the love of his life which was a huge step because of all that ha happenedbut I feel released and God has lifted my burden and lightened my yolk. Praise Jesus.

I just chucked up a few photos of Lisa and I so you can all see what we look like now (I know I've put on some weight but I'm keeping it on for warmth) but what ever. And now you know that I am still crazy as crap. I gotta go (lisa needs her

Blessings and Love

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Princess Slumber Party

Friday morning (3:30 am)
Bang, bang, bang, bang!!!. Someone was at the door. I was the only one to wake from the noise. I walk down stairs and open my door in my PJ's an my hair all over the show. B (not her real name again) is standing at the other side of the door.
"Jesse, can I stay here tonight" said with a sound of desperation "I need to get away from there."
"Of course you can" I replied as I let her in the house.
"I sorry I had nowhere else to go" with tears welling up in her eyes
"That's OK. You know that you are always welcome here"

I then got her something to eat and drink and set up a bed for her on my couch. After a while I went back upstairs and stayed up the rest of the night praying for her.

She sleep solid all through the day until 4pm (champion effort I must say) and then left my house around 4:30 after having lunch and a chat. She was telling me that that night her flatmate tried to rape her and that is why she needed to stay at my house.
"I knew that I would be safe here. Thanks for letting me stay, it really meant a lot to me."

After she had left I was thinking, God totally brought us together the other day for a drink so that she could know that she has a safe place here in this house and that's because it is the house of the Lord too. It's a safe place.
I'm blessed that God is showing himself through us to other people so they know that he will protect and that she has a friend in us like we do with God, that no matter what time of the day it is, or how unsafe it maybe, or how scared, shaken and afraid we may be we can find a safe place in the arms of God.

So that's my blog on God's princess's having a sleepover in his safe embrace

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Date with a prostitute

Last night I was thoroughly cleaning the house because we have guests coming on Friday and also when we get back from Canada and I here a knock on my back window. It was a woman who I'll call B (not sure if she wants her name on my blog). She is a new woman in the neighbourhood and she kinda stands out since she's one of the only white ladies that live in this area. She just moved here less than a month ago and I've only spoken to her like 5 times and have always told her that if she ever wants to pop around and have a coffee or anything she is more than welcome to and last night I was very blessed to have her take me up on that offer.

So I invited her in and we had a drink and just got to chat for a bit. It turns out she got married when she was 16 to the love of her life and was married for 12 years then she lost her husband 3 years ago to cancer and chose to cover her pain with crack and now to keep up her drug addiction she is selling her body.

It was so God leading the conversation because B hardly knows me and was willing to lay all her stuff out so I could know the real her (which she told me she tries to hide from most people). So that was my date with a prostitute who I love.

Monday, February 19, 2007


So there is this little boy in our community named Marlo and he is seriously one of the cutest kids I've ever meet. He is 4 and is a pretty tiny kid for his age but what he lacks in height and the such he makes up for in personality and brains, like this kid can seriously have a full on conversation with you and you can completely forget that he is so young. He now lives with other family members so we only get to see him every now and then for a weekend at a time.

Last week he graced us with his warm smile and vibrant presence and even came to my Saturday kids cell group (church run out of our houses) and when he saw that I was running the cell group for his age group he started to do what he calls the Jesse dance. It's really cute and it's not the first time he has done this dance when he realises that I'm around and it even has words. It goes "Jesse's here, Oh yeah, Jesse's here, Oh yeah" and keeps go till I go and give him a hug so his arms will stop moving.

But on Saturday he managed to make me cry in front of him and the other little kids. I was in the kitchen of the community house heating up lunch for the kids and Marlo runs up to me and grabs my leg. He then looks up at me with a big smile on his face and says to me "Your my best friend. I missed you" and I just lost it. This 4 year old who doesn't get to see me that much anymore considers me to be his best friend and would even boldly tell me in front of others and it's not like I did anything to deserve his love, He just loves me I hug him and talk to him like he matters, because I don't just brush him to the side which is something every person should get but some just don't get any attention and don't feel special at all.

Please don't brush anyone to the side because they could end up being the biggest blessing to you like little Marlo is to me and just remember that you should be treating everyone like they are Jesus and every now and then you'll totally see Jesus in the eyes of another like I got to last Saturday.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This week was sooooo cool. On Saturday I recieved a package from my sister Sarah and inside was photos of my neice and a book that my uncle published. It's really cool and it just made me feel a little special to get something in the mail (I don't get much while here) and then today I recieved a package from my good friend Matt which had a kids cook book in it (he knows how shocking I am at cooking and that I was scared to come here because I'd have to cook for myself) along with a really sweet letter that totally lifted my spirits. It's cool how the little things like just getting mail can make someone feel special, so it got me thinking "How many people aren't feeling very special right now and all it would take is a note to let them know that you are thinking of them." It's sad to think that some won't be feeling special today and especially on valentines day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Two more in Heaven

Tonight Heather and I were running our boys cell group as we do every Monday night (although it has resently shrunk due to some kids moving away). We played neighbourhood bingo, where we get a list of things to find and we have to mark it off once we see it and the first one to finish win a prize and the two boys in our cell won although they cheated (not at all bitter LOL jokes) then we had dinner together and the boys just started to open up on bad dreams that one had been having and how the other thinks things he doesn't want to think although he says something different because he thinks it's what people want to hear. So they ask God through pray to take these things from them and to have God take over and then asked Heather and I to pray for them. It was so awesome especially since it was so unexpected and they were the ones to bring it up. So because God told Heather and I to have dinner every Monday night and build a lasting freindship with these two boys, we will now be seeing them in Heaven which blows me away. That God will even us me as a vessel so more will see his amazing glory. Praise the Lord

Thursday, February 08, 2007

One thought?

So lately I've been mediating on what I actually think about and I've come to the conclusion that I really think about jack! What I spend most of my time thinking about is really not even worth thinking about but because I've entertained these thoughts they have extended into other avenues and stay on my mind continually. Well today I'm saying no more. Every time I think about it you'll hear me giving it to God no matter how random the time or place is so be warned.

God has commanded us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and the one that needs the most work for me is my mind so please pray about on my behalf so I can be more of God and less of me

Monday, February 05, 2007

So much has happened

Well we have now got the internet up and running again at the community house which is such a blessing. Something else exciting that happened was that on Thursday morning it snowed (which is the first snow that I've seen in roughly 10 years) but I think that that day was like the warmest day that we had had in a long time. I have been sick though for the past couple of days with a cold and a bad headache. I got to speak to my Mum and sister the other day and my family is doing good, I miss them heaps and I also got to speak to my amazing friend Kerrie which was really cool. I've now been here for 5 months and it'll be 7 months tomorrow till I return back to the land of Oz. I'm feeling a little home sick today.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Well so much has happened since I lat had the chance to blog and if you want to know get in touch because I don't want to bore people with the small details. I finished my hoildays and started back at the War college only to leave a litlle while after to come here to Alabama to Roots 07. And boy is Holy Spirit already moving we have been here for 2 days perparing the prayer room and it's coming together. I have already been shaken and starting to transform (about time that I was willing to). Warning to all, I'm not the same as when I left to come here and your going to have to get used to it because I'm not going to conform to please people any longer