Wednesday, December 27, 2006


So today is Christmas and although I'm in a on the other side of the world from my family I was very blessed to spend it with beautiful people here who are my family here, The Adams clan. I called my parents at midnight here (3pm in Australia) and got to talk to all of my family and to here my neice for the first time (1 1/2 months) although it was only wimpers it still made me cry. Then we all opened up presents and Rob and Heather had even left me a socking packed full of stuff. We had lunch at a chineese buffet and it was the best I had ever had in my life (so many different kinds of chicken which is my favourite food). Then we all slept for a bit (eating a lot can make you tired). Then Phil, Chris and I went to pick up Pooh Bear (a friend of mine) and we all went to see Black Christmas at the movies. Just letting you know, save your money. AVERAGE MOVIE!!!!!! Now we have just got home after dropping Pooh Bear home and I'm looking around this house and am realising how blessed I am to have friends like these guys and with a time that could have been really sad for me here was turned into an awesome day. God is so good

Friday, December 15, 2006

DD's tears

There is this little girl who just moved to this neighbourhood with her Mum and Grandmother. She would have to be only about 2 years old and we call her DD. She is beautiful. All she ever does when she comes over to the community house is hug and plays with my hair (it's weird for her because is soft and is not a fro).

Travis and I were walking by her house to go to see someone and her Grandmother stopped me to ask me a few questions and DD saw me and started to hug me. Eventually I went to go because I still had business to attend to and as I walked off she started to cry and it broke my heart. I almost started to cry.

This arvo I was pondering on it and I started to think how that is like my relationship with God. He is crying out for us all to love him and we are often to busy that our daily bread can be passed as a quick 1 minute prayer. I challenge you all to really eat the word. Actually have a relationship not treating God like he is an acquaintance

I don't want my God to cry any longer

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Over the weekend I moved house. I now live with the other students which share be very interesting. I love them don't get me but I'm intrigued to see how we mesh after spending so much time together. I believe that God will teach me a lot within this process especially. I feel sorry for them really because the will see me grumpy, sleepy, sad, sick and mental (all the fun sides of me)

It will be awesome. I'm can't hide the real me now. I'm going to grow through Jesus. Please pray that the real Jesse will stick to be shown at all times and that it'll be continually being more like Christ.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Something that has really stuck with me this week in the book I'm reading (Intercessory Prayer) is when he talks about his trips to Calcutta and he gives examples of us being a go between for those who need healing. A he tell this story of a little girl who everyone there says is crazy, so crazy in fact, that they tie her to a tree in their back yard. So Dutch feels the Spirit tell him to do what Jesus would do, so half way through his message he go over to her to pray for healing and she was healed. And that's what I want to do. Not just the healing of people (but that would be pretty sweet) but to honestly and whole heartedly do what Holy Spirit leads me to do and to not just do what I want to do. I'm here to re-present Jesus not present Jesse

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Always pray

Last night I tried to do a good thing for a family that lives a couple of streets over who don't have power at the moment, well they do but it is done by a extension cord running from someone else's house so they can only really use that for lights. They hadn't had a hot meal for a good few weeks so I did what Jesus would do and made the family a good cooked meal with two of the children that live there helping me because they wanted to do something for their family.

So I was almost finished cooking and my power went to. One of the fuses died so the lights that are attached to a ceiling all went out. So the boys and I continued to mash the potatoes in the dark with one torch (flash light) between us and I was able to feel what it would be like for them at their house and I was over come with sadness. I was going crazy within the first few hours and this family has been doing it for way longer than that and their ages range from 4 to about 40 with 6 of them living in this house.

So last night I was thinking about the last time my power went out and that was when I was cooking for my cell group and I realized that both times that it has happened I didn't pray before hand. I was doing what God would want me to do in the situations but I need to make sure He's right in the middle of it because the demons around here want to keep these kids in the dark and not to feel good enough to have a hot meal but Jesus does and as his Re-presenter we're to do his work but we must always remember to bring the task at hand to Jesus first so He will have our back and so we can have authority over demons through Jesus to tell them to ping off.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Fast results?

I am currently reading a book by Dutch Sheets called "Intercessory Prayer" and I really liked this statement in it. It is "We don't wait well. We're into microwaving; God, on the other hand, is usually into marinating"

I often find with myself that I am trying to make God speed things up and it's totally not my place to do that (as if I have any authority over God) It's sometimes easy to forget that God's concept of time is nothing like ours. An example would be praying to see my family come to have a relationship with Jesus. I pray about it regularly and am wait on God to make it happen and I can sometimes get frustrated because you never know what could happen tomorrow and I want to see them all in Heaven and so I'll cry out to God for him to do something now but it is all to happen in God's time not my own. Now don't get me wrong God wants you to cry out to him and He's not just sitting back in his recliner chair just sitting back watching but he knows what time is best and we just need to trust him with it all.

A new mission statement

I woke up the other night to find that God wanted to talk to me and give me a new mission statement. One that is not of me but is from my Redeemer.

"Not only made for warfare but ready to fight it."

I have always been told that we are all made for the war that God wants us to fight (and we all are) but God told me that not many Christians actually fight in the war although they know that it is part of their calling and that God has equipped them to win the battle, they don't even fight in it.

He said "I want you to fight in this war with all you have not just know about it. So this is my new mission statement with the intention of living up to it as God has called me to.