Saturday, February 24, 2007

Princess Slumber Party

Friday morning (3:30 am)
Bang, bang, bang, bang!!!. Someone was at the door. I was the only one to wake from the noise. I walk down stairs and open my door in my PJ's an my hair all over the show. B (not her real name again) is standing at the other side of the door.
"Jesse, can I stay here tonight" said with a sound of desperation "I need to get away from there."
"Of course you can" I replied as I let her in the house.
"I sorry I had nowhere else to go" with tears welling up in her eyes
"That's OK. You know that you are always welcome here"

I then got her something to eat and drink and set up a bed for her on my couch. After a while I went back upstairs and stayed up the rest of the night praying for her.

She sleep solid all through the day until 4pm (champion effort I must say) and then left my house around 4:30 after having lunch and a chat. She was telling me that that night her flatmate tried to rape her and that is why she needed to stay at my house.
"I knew that I would be safe here. Thanks for letting me stay, it really meant a lot to me."

After she had left I was thinking, God totally brought us together the other day for a drink so that she could know that she has a safe place here in this house and that's because it is the house of the Lord too. It's a safe place.
I'm blessed that God is showing himself through us to other people so they know that he will protect and that she has a friend in us like we do with God, that no matter what time of the day it is, or how unsafe it maybe, or how scared, shaken and afraid we may be we can find a safe place in the arms of God.

So that's my blog on God's princess's having a sleepover in his safe embrace

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Date with a prostitute

Last night I was thoroughly cleaning the house because we have guests coming on Friday and also when we get back from Canada and I here a knock on my back window. It was a woman who I'll call B (not sure if she wants her name on my blog). She is a new woman in the neighbourhood and she kinda stands out since she's one of the only white ladies that live in this area. She just moved here less than a month ago and I've only spoken to her like 5 times and have always told her that if she ever wants to pop around and have a coffee or anything she is more than welcome to and last night I was very blessed to have her take me up on that offer.

So I invited her in and we had a drink and just got to chat for a bit. It turns out she got married when she was 16 to the love of her life and was married for 12 years then she lost her husband 3 years ago to cancer and chose to cover her pain with crack and now to keep up her drug addiction she is selling her body.

It was so God leading the conversation because B hardly knows me and was willing to lay all her stuff out so I could know the real her (which she told me she tries to hide from most people). So that was my date with a prostitute who I love.

Monday, February 19, 2007


So there is this little boy in our community named Marlo and he is seriously one of the cutest kids I've ever meet. He is 4 and is a pretty tiny kid for his age but what he lacks in height and the such he makes up for in personality and brains, like this kid can seriously have a full on conversation with you and you can completely forget that he is so young. He now lives with other family members so we only get to see him every now and then for a weekend at a time.

Last week he graced us with his warm smile and vibrant presence and even came to my Saturday kids cell group (church run out of our houses) and when he saw that I was running the cell group for his age group he started to do what he calls the Jesse dance. It's really cute and it's not the first time he has done this dance when he realises that I'm around and it even has words. It goes "Jesse's here, Oh yeah, Jesse's here, Oh yeah" and keeps go till I go and give him a hug so his arms will stop moving.

But on Saturday he managed to make me cry in front of him and the other little kids. I was in the kitchen of the community house heating up lunch for the kids and Marlo runs up to me and grabs my leg. He then looks up at me with a big smile on his face and says to me "Your my best friend. I missed you" and I just lost it. This 4 year old who doesn't get to see me that much anymore considers me to be his best friend and would even boldly tell me in front of others and it's not like I did anything to deserve his love, He just loves me I hug him and talk to him like he matters, because I don't just brush him to the side which is something every person should get but some just don't get any attention and don't feel special at all.

Please don't brush anyone to the side because they could end up being the biggest blessing to you like little Marlo is to me and just remember that you should be treating everyone like they are Jesus and every now and then you'll totally see Jesus in the eyes of another like I got to last Saturday.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This week was sooooo cool. On Saturday I recieved a package from my sister Sarah and inside was photos of my neice and a book that my uncle published. It's really cool and it just made me feel a little special to get something in the mail (I don't get much while here) and then today I recieved a package from my good friend Matt which had a kids cook book in it (he knows how shocking I am at cooking and that I was scared to come here because I'd have to cook for myself) along with a really sweet letter that totally lifted my spirits. It's cool how the little things like just getting mail can make someone feel special, so it got me thinking "How many people aren't feeling very special right now and all it would take is a note to let them know that you are thinking of them." It's sad to think that some won't be feeling special today and especially on valentines day.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Two more in Heaven

Tonight Heather and I were running our boys cell group as we do every Monday night (although it has resently shrunk due to some kids moving away). We played neighbourhood bingo, where we get a list of things to find and we have to mark it off once we see it and the first one to finish win a prize and the two boys in our cell won although they cheated (not at all bitter LOL jokes) then we had dinner together and the boys just started to open up on bad dreams that one had been having and how the other thinks things he doesn't want to think although he says something different because he thinks it's what people want to hear. So they ask God through pray to take these things from them and to have God take over and then asked Heather and I to pray for them. It was so awesome especially since it was so unexpected and they were the ones to bring it up. So because God told Heather and I to have dinner every Monday night and build a lasting freindship with these two boys, we will now be seeing them in Heaven which blows me away. That God will even us me as a vessel so more will see his amazing glory. Praise the Lord

Thursday, February 08, 2007

One thought?

So lately I've been mediating on what I actually think about and I've come to the conclusion that I really think about jack! What I spend most of my time thinking about is really not even worth thinking about but because I've entertained these thoughts they have extended into other avenues and stay on my mind continually. Well today I'm saying no more. Every time I think about it you'll hear me giving it to God no matter how random the time or place is so be warned.

God has commanded us to love him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and the one that needs the most work for me is my mind so please pray about on my behalf so I can be more of God and less of me

Monday, February 05, 2007

So much has happened

Well we have now got the internet up and running again at the community house which is such a blessing. Something else exciting that happened was that on Thursday morning it snowed (which is the first snow that I've seen in roughly 10 years) but I think that that day was like the warmest day that we had had in a long time. I have been sick though for the past couple of days with a cold and a bad headache. I got to speak to my Mum and sister the other day and my family is doing good, I miss them heaps and I also got to speak to my amazing friend Kerrie which was really cool. I've now been here for 5 months and it'll be 7 months tomorrow till I return back to the land of Oz. I'm feeling a little home sick today.