Sunday, June 10, 2007


This once again is just going to be quick because I have like 2 minutes before we go to church.

Well I arrived in Atlanta Georgia on Friday and have been working with my team (called the E-team) at the teen venue at commissioning and we have pulled together as a team so quickly and so well. My team consists of Eman (team leader), Jason, Shelbie, Erica and myself. We are an awesome team and we get along so well already. God totally had his hand on this when the team members were getting decided on.

Today we go out to camp and we are staying there till Friday (I think) to do our orientation and team building.

Gotta go. I love you all

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614:firecrest said...

hey sis,
i know you're going to be great just being you...i miss you already, and you KNOW I'm not the mushy type, so that's saying a lot.

keep in touch eh?
Let me know if anyone on your team has a cell we can call you on.