Tuesday, July 31, 2007

About time

It is now getting towards the end of my summer placement which I've been traveling all over Georgia for. To give a quick run down of what went down where I'm going to give an outline.

We arrived mid afternoon on Friday and were put to work about 2 hours after being together. Commissioning was happening in Atlanta and we were helping with the teen venue. I was blessed to run some activities that open up kids minds spiritually. That was for our first weekend together. Sunday evening we went down to camp Grandview (salvation army summer camp grounds in GA) to do our orientation. We worked on mimes, songs, puppet training, spiritual development, everything really. Training was for 1 week.

Week 1 of placement was Albany where we were mainly focused on children's ministry. Our first day of VBS (vacation bible school) we had a grand total of 12 children. After doing out reach we extended our numbers to over 40. I did another sermon here and although we faced a lot of challenges this was definitely the place that we will all remember because it was all totally done in Gods strength.

Week 2 of placement was Marietta where we were more of the helpers this time not the organisers. Week 3 was split with Cartersville and Rome where we did ministry with the elderly in nursing homes. Week 4 was Toccoa which was another challenge but all in all it went pretty well. We then had 2 days of debriefing.

Then Shelbie (1 of my team members and 1 of the most amazing people in the world) and I went to Atlanta for 10 days to do apartment ministries in a Latino community. Now I'm still in Atlanta but am no longer with a team. This week I'm helping out all over the place with ministries that Lakewood corps is involved in. Next week I help out with Lakewood's VBS and then I'm back to Charlotte to graduate. I'm so excited, it's only a little more than a month till I go home to Australia. 5 weeks today till I fly out, 5 weeks on Thursday till I arrive home.

Miss you all and I'll write again really soon

PS Congratulations to Karyn & Jon and Joel & Lycey on their weddings

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614:firecrest said...

yay! soon you'll be home with us, then you'll be Home in Oz...home, then Home home...we can't wait to see you, so i can only imagine what the folks back in Brisbane are feeling! Let us know your travel plans, by giving us a call or email, okay?

p.s. I hear that Captain Everette is a woman aflame with the Spirit of God...can't wait to hear about ministry at Lakewood Corps!