Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back in Charlotte

So, I arrived back in Charlotte on Sunday to everyones surprise because I didn't tell the kids I when I was coming home. I missed them soooooo much. I love my kids. Some have moved out of my hood though before I got to say goodbye which is really heart breaking for me but they left me letters and I cried so much when I read them last night. There was a letter in particular from Donta (who was the first kid that I had a strong friendship with here) saying 'Thank you for believing in me. I wish you could be my mom.' I lost broke down over that one especially since he has now been taken away from his mom.

I was very blessed to have everyone remember me. I was prepared to have my little Dede forget me because she is 2 but she's my girl. She remembered me and was if I had never been away. She was playing the same games with me and played with my hair to go to sleep. My hair amuses her because it 's a totally different texture than anyone else's around here (being one of the one white people). It was so cool that no one has forgotten me. I feel so loved.

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